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The Inflatable Boobs
The Inflatable Boobs

The Inflatable Boobs

Why call ourselves The Inflatable Boobs, you ask? Of course there’s a story behind it.

First, you need to know a few things about my mom, Bev.

1) She had a pretty warped (yet pretty awesome) sense of humor.
2) She was addicted to Amazon and received deliveries of this and that almost daily.
3) She somehow knew breast cancer wasn’t going to let her get away a second time.

She was in the hospital for a few weeks before she died, and the morning we were getting ready to go to the hospital to take her off life support, we decided to open a few Amazon boxes that had been sitting around the house for who-knows-how-long.

The first box brought us all to tears, as it had four copies of a book about grief called “I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye.” How did she know? When did she order them? Why did we decide to open them right then? Our hearts were so heavy realizing how important it was to her that we at least have some comfort in the absence of actual answers.

We opened the second box, expecting it to be something just as touching, but it tugged at our emotions in a slightly different way…

because it was a pair of inflatable boobs!

And because chemo and western medicine didn’t seem to do the trick, I’m now thoroughly convinced that laughter IS the best medicine!

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